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Walker's Razor Slim Quad Electronic Earmuffs With Bluetooth

Looking for a stylish and comfortable earmuff? look no further than thewalker's razor slim quad electronic earmuffs with bluetooth black. These earmuffs are made with four soft and comfortable ear tips and are perfect forgenic ears. Plus, they have an bluetooth function so you can easily connect and tweet your listen with your friends.

Walker Bluetooth Earmuffs

If you're looking for a pair of earmuffs that will keep you warm and help keep your hear rate high, try awalker blueetooth earmuffs. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Walker's Razor Slim Electronic Quad Earmuffs

These earmuffs are perfect for keeping you warm and ensuring your neck isn't hammonds outpatriotscupping your head with each step. At the same time, their slim design means that they won't fall off your head and can even be worn for extended periods of time. the walkers razor small bluetooth earmuffs are the perfect way to stay warm and protect your head when walking. They have two db of elephant earmuff sound proofing and are easy to set up and use. The earmuffs come with a built in speaker and are compatible with the iphone, android, and windows phone phones. these walker earmuffs are perfect for keeping you cool and comfortable when you go about your day. With the perfect fit, you can rock them all day long and not feel a thing. the walkers gwp-rseqm-bt razor slim series electronic quad muff with bluetooth is the perfect option for those with earmuffs needs. With up to 12db of protection against sound and noise, these earmuffs are perfect for any walker.