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Princess Leia Earmuffs

Experience the power of the force with the princess leia earmuffs. These earmuffs are perfect for when you need to hear over the sound of the stormtroopers. They have a darth vader look to them, while the green and silver gives the game that perfect last touch.

Best Princess Leia Earmuffs

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Princess Leia Earmuffs Ebay

This princess leia earmuffs costume is perfect for those who love star wars! The costume features a cute leia earmuffs and a series of bun ear muffs and muff liea lea, making her look like a more-than- correctional officer. Plus, there are some great bonus features such as green hair and green eyes. this princess earmuffs costume will make you feel like a hero! With its deny hair, muff, and earmuffs, you'll be down to work and all you need is the love of a good star warsprincess! looking for a unique and stylish way to protect yourself from the sun and wind? a full wig and earmuffs combo would be the perfect way to do so! The princess leia earmuffs are perfect for keeping you warm and protection from the wind. these earmuffs are perfect for keeping you warm and keeping your eyes warm during cold weather. They also have a beautiful green and black color scheme that will make you look like a force user in the do-over class.